reference: Black Sabbath vids we saw only once in a great while on early MTV and nightflight.

much of what i like about this imagery--


emabracing the chromakey


ozzy's beautifly restrained headbanging

much of the framing is terffically loose, lots of air around the bands for context, either real or imagined.

those freaky heads in the chromakey


easyrider style backandforth cuts


the psychedelic aspect is expresed in the Belgian clip even without the heavy effects and no color for that matter


As it turns out it seems that there was some king of European show called "Beat Club" that had a pretty signature look to it and may bands played.
A top quality outfit, it looks like they were. each vid has its own flavor but they all are painted from the same palate.

the Sabbath Bloody Sabbath promo video is something that I would like to take from as well.

too random

for what it's worth here is a pretty awesome shot-for-shot homage by some modern band

as background in chromakeys, I would liketo use some video feedback.

I have some footage that I made back when I was living at "the house of shame" back in 95 or so, I will be digging that up and putting it online soon. I also plan to shoot some new stuff. I will put that all online as I get it. in the meantime here are some examples of what other people have done with video feedback.

the songs that the band will be recording playing for video aare Cornucopia and Lord of This World