Man Made Global Climate Change, Peak Oil, Environmental Degradation, Consumption Economics and its Toxic Byproducts, Resource and Wealth Distribution, Shrinking Familiarity with Pristine Places, Disappearing Fisheries, Industrial Farming with its Livestock Factories and Megasize Monoculture, Resistant Strains of Disease, Religious Fanaticism, Nuclear Proliferation...

a feature length interpoctalyptic picture inspired by Twin Peaks, Soylent Green, The Grapes of Wrath, Fight Club and The Odyssey

current day paralell reality

our hero is moves to an urban village/neighborhood to care for his sick cousin
(capitol hill 1989) 


he meets a crazy bunch of wackos

loan officer that takes a photo of a man in mairachi as proof of income

recordstore owner

squatters galore