A couple with a common but not uncommon name is happily married. There is a posting in the legal notices of the paper that there is a couple with the very same name as the both of them that are getting a divorce. A friend walks up to him at church offering his condolances and suport in ths trying time, but of course he has no idea what the friend is talking about.


I am  so sory to hear about you and Phoebe's troubles. I hope you are doing OK.



A man goes to a job interview where he is berated abused and asked complicated kafkaesque questions nobody but the asker could know the answer to. on the conclusion of the interview the HR rep tells him that although they have his resume, he needs to fill out an application. They give him an app and leave him in the lobby alone. He realizes that he does not have a pen or pencil there is a children's activity area in the lobby and so he takes a crayon from that and fills out the application.

Two weeks later they call to offer him the job.